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The present company, Conti Stefano, was founded in 1900 with a simple stand at the S.Ambrogio Market where the current proprietor, Stefano’s grandfather, Giuseppe Conti, began selling fine fruits and vegetables.

After the First World War the location moved into the Central Market of S.Lorenzo where the business increased thanks to the efforts of Stefano’s father Mario Conti. Stefano Conti, the 3rd generation is now joined by his son, the 4th generation, Manuel Conti.
Because of these generational property successions, the Conti’s shop is now member of the valuable membership of the historical shops of Florence.

The experience and the passion of the owners in the search of the best artisanal products, has become popular for the national and international customers.

In their large and historical location inside the Central Market you can find products from all over Tuscany, but not only. No doubts about the quality!

Conti’s products range include seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh and dried porcini mushrooms, fresh and preserved truffles, organic honey, balsamic vinegar of Modena of all ages, an incredible assortment of dried fruit, fine quality rices, dried herbs and spices, pasta, mixes for prepared tuscan soups, sauces and patès, jams and the rare Zolfini beans.

Moreover you can find a wide range of the best tuscan extra-virgin olive oils, including the private label Conti oil; a selection of about 100 wines from the region, and hand-made olive wood objects of rare beauty.
Another added value of the company is that inside the shop you can taste the majority of the products on sale, learning new recipes and how to eat in the tuscan and italian way.
In few words Conti is the best and most friendly place where you can go to find and learn what Tuscany has to offer.

Conti’s attention and respect for their clients, and their decennial experience have continuously increased the demand for Conti’s products from all over the world.
Today, the Conti family boasts thousand of customers from all over the world (more than 700 just in the USA) thanks also to their online business and a distributor of their products in Japan.
In conclusion, at our shop a simple trip to the market is transformed into a cultural food experience which lifts the spirit and tempts your taste buds.